Shipping to U.S. and Canada:

Shipping to U.S. destinations is $4.45 for 1-2 CDs (or DVDs), $1.50 each for the next 3 CDs, $0.75 each for the next 3 CDs, and $0.50 each additional. In case it isn’t clear, if you order only one CD, you’ve already paid the shipping for a 2nd CD, which is supposed to be an incentive to order more than one at a time. Shipping to U.S. destinations is via the U.S. Postal Service: First Class Mail for parcels weighing less than 1 lb (generally up to 3 or 4 CDs) and Priority Mail for parcels weighing 1 lb or more (usually 4 or more CDs). All parcels have a tracking number that we provide on the invoice we email to you.

United States Postal ServiceShipping to Canada is $9.95 for the first CD (or DVD), $3.00 each for the next 2 CDs, and $2.00 each additional. Shipping to Canada is via First-Class Package International Service. There is no cheaper class of mail for parcels. All parcels have a tracking number that we provide on the invoice we email to you.

Some heavy, multi-disc sets count as more than one CD for shipping.

Maryland residents must add 6% sales tax.

Your billing address must match the billing address for your credit card. The order form contains fields for a separate delivery address. For fraud prevention, first-time customers paying with a credit card must have the order shipped to the credit card billing address.

We need a valid email address before we can ship your order.

Once submitted, orders should be considered final.

Returns are accepted for defective merchandise only. A replacement will be sent - no substitutions. If you do receive a defective CD or DVD, please first for instructions. ALL RETURNS MUST BE AUTHORIZED IN ADVANCE.

It happens very infrequently, but if we send you the wrong item, we most likely need the wrong item returned. We will email you a prepaid return postage label in PDF format. Upon receipt of the item, we will ship the correct item.

Information you supply will not be shared with any other companies. No information is collected using cookies.

Note that everything on the website is in stock unless it explicitly says otherwise. We manually remove titles from the site after the last copy is sold. The only time you will order an item and find that it is out-of-stock is when we are down to one copy and two orders for it come in the same day or over the weekend. We charge you only for what is in stock and do not backorder items.

Payment Methods:

Discover, MasterCard, Visa, American Express

Gift Card Users: Before placing an order with a gift or stored value card, you must call or go online to inform the credit card company that you wish to activate your card for online purchasing. The toll-free number or web address is on the back of your gift card. If you place an order without activating your gift card and registering your address, your order cannot be processed due to address verification failure, and funds may be temporarily held up to four business days.

checkMoney order payable to Kinesis

U.S. customers only. Money order must be in U.S. dollars drawn on a U.S. bank.

The PayPal payment option takes you directly to PayPal to complete payment. You can log into your account there and choose from the payment options provided. You can use your credit cards already stored there. You can also enter a credit card with no requirement to have a PayPal account. If an item is out-of-stock and we must adjust the invoice total, we will make a partial refund through PayPal.


Click on the “Add to Cart” icon next to an item to add it to your shopping cart. This will then display the contents of your cart and order total so far. To order more than one copy of an item, change the quantity shown in the cart and click the RECALCULATE button or icon. If you add the same title to your cart more than once, we will ignore the duplicate entries. You can checkout any time your cart contents are displayed. To display the contents of your cart without adding an item, click on View Cart in the upper right of the store pages. Checkout is via a secure server to protect your credit card information. Credit card information is encrypted while on the server and is removed promptly.

U.S. customers can also use the cart to calculate the amount due but mail a money order. Select the Money Order option at checkout. Doing this will reserve the items ordered while you mail payment to us. It is advisable to wait for us to verify that everything you ordered is in stock and send you a confirmation email before you send payment. Understand that payment is due when you receive that confirmation email. We reserve the items only long enough for your payment to travel through the mail. If your payment fails to arrive within 10 days, we will not reserve items for you in the future.