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Kinesis® is a compact disc & DVD mail-order (and formerly a label) founded in 1991, devoted to progressive rock.

Enter our store to shop for progressive CDs, DVDs, and Blu-rays from around the world. Note everything is a CD unless specified as a DVD, DVD-Audio, SACD, or Blu-ray. There is no vinyl. References to “mini-LP” indicate CDs packaged in a cardboard sleeve similar to a miniature LP jacket.


Using our shopping cart system, you can place secure online orders and pay via Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover, or instantly via PayPal. Please read the instructions and shipping information by clicking the ORDERING INFO button that appears near the upper left of the store pages. Our privacy policy is also there.

Everything on the website is in stock unless it explicitly says otherwise. We manually remove titles from the site after the last copy is sold. The only time you will order an item and find that it is out-of-stock is when we are down to one copy and two orders for it come in the same day or over the weekend. We charge you only for what is in stock and do not backorder items.

Everything we sell is new. Note that some imports and privately-released domestic CDs are not polywrapped (factory-sealed). A small number of non-U.S. labels ship their CDs without jewel cases. Also, some factory-sealed CDs arrive here with cracked jewel cases and we remove the wrap to replace the cases. We import factory-sealed CDs whenever possible.


For those who still haven’t figured it out, there are different standard-definition television systems in the world. DVDs can be in the NTSC system used in North America and Japan, or the European PAL system. We try to always note if a DVD is PAL, though often the label hasn’t bothered to note NTSC or PAL on the packaging. Most DVD players sold in North America will not play PAL DVDs. The player must have a PAL-to-NTSC converter built-in. However, computer DVD drives including portable players are agnostic and will play both NTSC and PAL discs because they output a signal for a computer monitor rather than a television. Given that roughly half the prog DVD titles in the world are PAL, a progressive rock fan should own a player capable of playing any DVD. North American customers, please email us if you need advice on where to buy a universal player. Note the region code is separate from the NTSC/PAL issue. The region code is merely a metadata flag, and the vast majority of music DVDs are all-region. Music DVDs from large labels are more likely to have region code restrictions; we always identify them if the region code is shown on the packaging as it should be. Buy a code-free universal player, and all your compatibility concerns will melt away. Note we will not accept returns of PAL DVDs because they will not play on your NTSC player, and vice versa.


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